the disney song book tag!

One of my favorite things to watch or read are book tags, so I decided I’m well due to participate in one! I am doing the Disney Book Tag, because I feel like it will be ∼super∼ fun. I found these questions from this blog, so go check them out! Let’s get started!

part of your world

What book world would you change yourself for so you could be a part of that world?

hmmmmm. I’ll try not to answer with the obvious (Harry Potter). Other than that, I would absolutely love to be a Shadowhunter and to live in the world that Cassandra Clare has created!

let it go

What book did you not want to finish because you loved it so much?

When Allegiant by Veronica Roth first came out, I was so in love with the Divergent series. It was painful to read the conclusion, and even though it was a few years back, I remember being so adamant about reading slowly so I wouldn’t finish it too soon.

beauty and the beast

What book do you think is/will be timeless? 

100% Harry Potter. Those books are transcendent. Enough said.

so this is love

What book were you hesitant to read at first but ended up loving?

I was very nervous to read Lady Midnight. Yes, I mentioned wanting to live in that world in the first question, but a lot of my friends disliked that book. I was so scared I would too. I really didn’t want my view of such amazing books to be tainted if I didn’t like the newest installment.

friend like me

Which character would you like to be your best friend?

I feel like Inej Ghafa from Six of Crows would make an amazing best friend. She’s so courageous and such a queen agh. If she was my bestie, life would be amazing.


What book really made you think/changed the way you viewed things?

The Hate U Give for sure changed me in the best possible way. Starr’s story struck something in me and made me evaluate the way I live compared to how others do. It made me think about the atrocities that happen and the racism that people have to deal with on a daily basis. It made me think, and it still does. If you haven’t read it, PLEASE do so.


Soooooo, that’s it for this book tag! Thank you for reading this and supporting my blog; I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed thinking up my answers! I post reviews every other Wednesday— you should check those out.

-Kelli xox

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