sophomore year goals

As a YA reader, I have been reading stories about kids faring the intrepid high school hallways long before I had to do it myself. I started this blog halfway through my freshman year, and it feels like its been both a lifetime and second since that day. Now, I’ll be returning to school in 5 short days, and I wanted to make a special post to commemorate it.

I mostly interact with the bookish community through Instagram, and it has been amazing to meet so many people through that platform. I appreciate every single person who reads my blog and want to start sharing more of my life with everyone. So, that’s why I’m here today, to tell you guys about the goals I’ve compiled for this school year—bookish and otherwise.

  • Go to More Book Signings
    • Outside of BookCon, I’ve only ever attended one signing, which is crazy since a lot of authors come through my state. This fall is promising a plethora of fantastic releases from authors I love. I really really hope to make it to as many signings as possible.
  • Read More Diversely
    • I absolutely love school, and one of my favorite things is the opportunities to pick up books that I wouldn’t have read otherwise. This mostly includes classics (i.e. The Iliad & The Odyssey, Romeo & Juliet), but it also includes works from authors like Sandra Cisneros. Some of my favorite books have been ones that I read for class, so I’m hoping that this school year will challenge my reading tastes.
  • Get Straight A’s
    • Okay, this one is definitely academic and not bookish, but it’s an honest goal. I’m an honors student and am always pushing myself to do the best that I can in my classes. This school year I hope to keep my GPA up with all A’s.
  • Participate in School Reading Events
    • I am lucky enough to have a school with a large library that frequently has reading events going on. I participated in one last year, and it was SO fun!!! I may even join my school’s Book Club if I’m not too busy. I just really want to get involved with the readers of my school and make new friends who share my love of reading.
  • Join More Clubs
    • Like the Book Club, there are many other clubs that I really want to join to get more involved! I’m already in two clubs that I really enjoy and hope that I’ll have enough time for more.


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