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As much as I love reading, I could binge watch a show any day of the week. Watching TV is one of my favorite pastimes, although I know that’s not exactly a good thing. I decided that I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite shows, since they’re always pretty relevant in my life. Keep reading to see my most recent favorite shows!

  • ┬áRiverdale
    • Riverdale is one of my favorite shows, and it’s the only one that I watch live every week that it’s on. This show takes a dark twist on the Archie Comics. The first season follows a gang of teens trying to solve the murder of one of their classmates, Jason Blossom. If you like Pretty Little Liars, you will love this show. It’s full of drama, so if you like that and a little mystery, watch it!
  • Stranger Things
    • I loved Stranger Things from the very first episode and will be a fan until its conclusion. Stranger Things is a Netflix Original that takes place in the 80s. It follows the disappearance of twelve-year-old Will Byers, and the lengths his family and friends go to in order to uncover the secrets of why he went missing. It’s full of conspiracies and mystery, and nothing I can say can do it justice.
  • Gossip Girl
    • I absolutely love Gossip Girl, and could honestly watch it over and over. Gossip Girl follows the lives of elite teens living in New York City. There’s drama, there’s scandal, there’s a mysterious blog that posts the secrets of the main characters. This show is a good time. 10/10 recommend.
  • On My Block
    • On My Block is also a Netflix Original and follows a group of teens entering high school. I don’t really know how to explain this show other than it’s REALLY good. It’s full of friendships and love and struggle, and I really really hope that it gets picked up for a second season!
  • Grey’s Anatomy
    • Grey’s Anatomy itself is about as old as I am, but I’m still a massive fan. It follows Meredith Grey as she navigates the world of medicine and love. It’s funny and sad and wonderful. I highly recommend Grey’s Anatomy, because there’s something in it for everyone.

-Kelli xox

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