A Spoiler Free Review: Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray

Have you ever read a book and the second you finished it, started the next one in the series? To be so engaged in a story is a wonderful feeling, and I was unable to stop thinking about The Diviners by Libba Bray until I was able to start Lair of Dreams. Likewise, I’m currently craving the third book in this series since I just finished LoD (seriously guys I am too in love with these books)! This book follows the same cast of characters with a few new additions as they try to solve the mystery behind a mysterious “Sleeping Sickness” sweeping 1920’s New York City. They must use their powers as Diviners to defend against the supernatural entities threatening them. This book has a lot of violence and gore, so if you’re not into that I would not recommend picking up this book— all depictions are necessary to the story and feed into the plot lines, creating its spooky atmosphere. This book is also extremely diverse and has characters from all walks of life. It also has a lot of emphasis on

lair of dreams by libba bray

This book was just as wonderful as the first, which means it was spectacular. I absolutely loved everything this book had to offer and was left both satisfied and hungry for more. This series is quickly working its way up to be one of my favorites of all time, and as I mentioned earlier, I cannot wait to get my hands on the third installment!

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Now, let’s get into this posi-tute-ly positive review:

I am an avid lover of history, so the 1920’s setting is one of my favorite aspects of the story, and watching Bray make this real world her own is incredible! The illness devouring the city is an enigma to everyone, and Bray somehow kept everything incredibly historically accurate. The reactions of citizens is nearly convincing that a sleeping sickness happened; she must have done a ton of research. This book also spends a lot of time exploring the dream world, and that was something else that I found extremely interesting. Again, I was utterly shocked at how real this story felt thanks to Bray’s wonderful crafting.

In this novel, we also got some new major players in addition to old favorites. One of these characters was Ling Chan, and I absolutely adored her. She was a perfectly complex character and made a wonderful addition to this story. I said it in my last review and will say it again: Libba Bray is somehow incredibly amazing at making her characters complex and real. None of them are perfect, and she’s not afraid to make them flawed. They made mistakes and bad decisions, and as the readers, we still love them. Many authors make their characters idyllic for the sake of being relatable, and Bray’s daring honesty was much more effective.

lair of dreams by libba bray

It’s no secret that New York City is my favorite place on Earth, and when I read Libba Bray’s writing, I feel like I’m really there. She’s a genius and a master, incredibly talented in everything from her structure to her word choice. I would gladly annotate every inch of her 600 page works. Yeah, she’s that good. Sometimes, I’ll read a sentence and just get chills from her style. It’s wonderful. She’s wonderful.  I love these books.

I really hope that somewhere along this rambly and incredibly happy review, you got an urge to read this book. I also hope that you follow that urge (and I highly advise that you do).

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-Kelli xox

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