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    bookcon 2018 experience

    As an avid reader, BookCon is an event that I eagerly look forward to every year. If you haven’t heard of BookCon, it’s an event held in NYC where book lovers can meet publishers, authors, and celebrate all things literary. (Click here to go directly to BookCon’s website.) I have always had amazing experiences at BookCon, and this year might have been even better than the past two. I was able to do so much and meet so many great people. BookCon offered so much that it was hard to feel bored, because there was *always* something to do. This was also my first year attending BookCon since I have…

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    bookcon haul

    It’s time for a book haul! *yay* I’m sure many of you fellow book lovers have heard of BookCon before. It’s a  convention held in New York City where authors and readers from all over can connect. It’s amazing. If you can ever make it to a BookCon, I would highly recommend it!! Without further ado, let’s get into the haul: *** I will link all of these books back to an amazon page, so you can buy them and see a synopsis!

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